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2483 Alta Vista Dr
Ottawa, ON K1H 7N2

Our Philosophy

At our Clinic, we provide personalized service using the latest techniques and equipment. With great care and devotion we aim to give you a beautiful smile. Along side Dental services, we also provide Denture services, making it easier for our patients while increasing their comfort.

Denture Services

Other than Dental services, we also provide Denture services to serve our patients better. Dr. Mohamed was a denturist before, and has been practising denture services for many years. Click here for our denture services.


Choose the clear aligner system called Invisalign in Ottawa. Invisalign offers up to 50% faster treatment times, better comfort and fit, Teen friendly, and effective for wide variety of cases. For more detail click Invisalign Ottawa.

About Us

If you have more questions you can contact us here, and to find out more about us, you can click the about us page

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